iQoo Z9 Turbo+

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ With MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ Chipset best gaming phone

iQoo Z9 Turbo+

iQoo Z9 series devices consist of the iQoo Z9x, Z9, and Turbo models; now there may also be an iQoo Z9 Turbo+ model being designed with MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ chipset.

This chip has been engineered for on-device AI processing, meaning data stays secure while keeping your phone cool.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ AI-Display

MediaTek unveiled their Dimensity 9300+ chipset last month, which may power the iQoo Z9 Turbo+ smartphone that was introduced into China last month – using it previously to power its Neo 9 Pro device.

Dimensity 9300+ provides high-end display features, including support for lightning fast refresh rates up to 4K at 120Hz and stunning visuals and responsiveness even when tilting their phone in portrait mode or tilting at an angle. Furthermore, this chip boasts leading anti-burn-in technology to protect AMOLED displays.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ will be the inaugural smartphone from their brand to feature the new processor, featuring a 6,000mAh battery with 80W fast charging support, 6.78-inch 144Hz LTPO OLED screen, Android 14 with OriginOS 4, as well as their self-developed e-sports chip to enhance gaming experiences.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ AI-Photography

At 2024 Mobile World Congress, MediaTek showcased several devices that feature its new Dimensity 9300+ processor, boasting that they scored more than 2.3 million points on AnTuTu benchmark tests.

This chipset features Arm Cortex-X4 and Cortex-A720 big cores for optimal performance, and is 8% more power efficient than the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor used in iQoo’s previous flagship smartphone. Furthermore, there’s also an image signal processing processor dedicated to producing sharp images.

Anti-burn-in technology protects foldable AMOLED displays. MiraVision 990 supports lightning-fast refresh rates to offer users superior visuals on the device screen. In addition, Wi-Fi 7 modem boasts advanced Xtra Range and AI signal enhancements for optimal connectivity – reaching downlink speeds of 7Gbps while supporting sub-6GHz frequency support to provide superior signal strength in crowded environments.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ AI-Videography

After unveiling its most powerful Z-series phones with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8x Gen 1 and 8s Gen 3 chipsets in April, iQOO is set to bring an even more powerful variant into China. According to Weibo user Digital Chat Station’s leak, which claims that an upcoming iQOO Z9 Turbo+ will feature MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ chip.

Imagiq 990 image processor of this chip will upgrade your phone camera experience by offering AI enhancements and zero-latency video preview. There is also an AI Semantic Analysis Video Engine which automatically adjusts settings according to scene context; additionally three high dynamic range microphones record audio to minimize wind noise and background sounds – perfect for vlogging!

MediaTek believes its built-in hardware ray-tracing engine will take graphics to an entirely new level, cutting power consumption by up to 20% and saving memory bandwidth when rendering geometry-heavy scenes.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ AI-Gaming

Vivo-owned brand iQoo recently introduced the Neo 9 Pro smartphone, powered by an Intel Dimensity chip. Since then, however, a tipster on Weibo has hinted that this will soon be followed up with another device from this series – possibly called the Neo 9S Pro and featuring this same processor.

The iQoo Neo 9S Pro will feature a 50MP Sony LYT-600 primary camera and an 8MP ultrawide lens for selfies, Android 14-based Origin OS, and boast a massive 6,000mAh battery with 80W fast charging capability.

The chipset will include an extensive suite of AI features, including an APU 790 engine to perform on-device AI tasks instead of relying on cloud services – this should improve power efficiency and decrease latency, plus it features a hardware security processor to guard against malware attacks. Furthermore, the iQoo Neo 9S boasts an advanced GPU with second generation Raytracing engine.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ AI-Security

iQoo first unveiled the Z9x and Z9 handsets with Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset in April. However, according to reports, the company could expand their lineup with an iQoo Z9 Turbo+ model powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ chip in early July.

The device was first seen listed on China Quality Certification Centre as model V299FA and will feature a Sony LYT-600 camera on its back as well as an 8MP ultrawide selfie cam, in addition to having a 6,000mAh battery with support for 120W wired fast charging capabilities and running Android 14-based Origin OS 4.

The MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ boasts a powerful 4G modem with impressive download speeds up to 7Gbps on sub-6GHz frequencies, as well as Wi-Fi technology like Wi-Fi 7 with Xtra Range that boosts signal strength by fivefold. Furthermore, physical attack resistance, secure boot process and data encryption are also among its security features.

iQoo Z9 Turbo+ AI-Battery

Contrasting with cloud-based generative AI tools that require Internet access and have limited features, this powerful technology runs locally on the chip to extend battery life while eliminating restrictive pay-per-use models and reduce latency for real-time apps and streaming. All involved stand to benefit; developers can deliver superior experiences quicker while consumers gain more value from their investment.

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