Honda City and Amaze

Honda City and Amaze | Special Editions of the Honda City and Amaze | Best automobile in 2024

Honda City and Amaze

Honda recently unveiled special festive editions of their popular sedans – Honda City and Amaze – available exclusively through authorized Honda dealerships. Each limited-volume variant includes an attractive premium package.

Honda City stands out as an exceptional car in its segment and rivals the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Hyundai Verna with its solid build quality, spaciousness and fuel efficiency.

Honda City and Amaze Features

The Honda Amaze stands out among fuel-efficient cars in its class thanks to its fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines, spacious boot capacity, compact size and agile handling that make it perfect for urban driving environments.

Subcompact sedans like the Fiat 500 offer many user-friendly features, including an Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatible touchscreen infotainment system, rear parking sensors, climate control, keyless entry and spacious cabin seating up to five comfortably with height-adjustable driver’s seats and cruise controls.

Safety-wise, the Amaze offers dual front airbags and anti-lock brakes – two features which have earned four stars from Global NCAP crash tests – but in Africa-market units it did not include seatbelt reminders to earn five.Honda City and Amaze

The Honda Amaze provides plenty of storage for you and is easy to navigate in tight areas. Its interior boasts an HD full-colour TFT touchscreen infotainment system with 7″ full-colour driver display, vanity mirror with lid for driver and front passenger and a silver paint AC vent/temperature control knob; also notable is that a wireless phone charger or sunroof may not be offered; though this may not be a major drawback for some buyers.Honda City and Amaze

Honda City and Amaze

Honda City and Amaze Safety

Honda has upgraded the safety features across its entire product lineup with several upgrades. Six airbags will now come standard across City, Amaze and City e:HEV models as well as seat belt reminders on all five seats. Furthermore, premium features such as 4.2-inch MID and rear sunshades in SV trim of City as well as an 8-speaker premium sound system and rear sunshade in hybrid VX variant are now included as standard.

The Amaze comes standard with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, parking sensors and rear view camera – in addition to multi-view camera with high speed alert, passenger seat belt reminder, driver seat height adjustment and anti-theft engine immobilizer features.

Even after these upgrades, the Honda Amaze only earned two stars on Global NCAP crash test for adult occupant protection. This low score can be attributed to its lack of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and side curtain airbags; which in turn led to poor head impact protection during frontal collision test for children.

However, the Amaze is an excellent option for families as its rear seat offers enough room to comfortably fit two children, plus there is a spacious boot to store your luggage. Plus, its comfort features will keep everyone relaxed and entertained on every journey; such as its 17.7 cm Advanced Infotainment System with Capacitive Touchscreen; 2DIN Audio System with Aux-In Port; 17 cm Door Speakers (17 cm); Automatic Climate Control System and Dust/Pollen Filters among many more features.Honda City and Amaze

Honda City and Amaze Performance

Honda Amaze is an adept car that can effortlessly handle highway speeds and city traffic. Both petrol variants feature 5-speed manual gearboxes while diesel variants utilize CVT automatic transmission systems; both provide smooth and refined operation with rapid acceleration without compromising fuel economy.

Safety has also been improved upon with the new Amaze, with six airbags, emergency locking retractor seatbelts, seat belt reminders for all five occupants, and six airbags now coming standard compared to its predecessors. All these new safety features earned Global NCAP four-star ratings for this vehicle.

Honda has not only introduced new safety features into their Amaze car, but has also enhanced ride quality and comfort to help make it competitive with rival vehicles such as Tata Tigor, Hyundai Aura and Maruti Suzuki Dzire.Honda City and Amaze

Performance wise, the Amaze is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine producing 90hp and 110Nm of torque; it can be coupled to either a 5-speed manual transmission or CVT automatic gearbox. For enhanced utility packages that come standard on VX petrol variants – such as KIT IRVM camera, car body cover lamp in legroom light set, front and rear mudguard set set (FR&RR),Honda City and Amaze

Microfibre cloth cloth as well as emergency hammer – consider upgrading to Elite Edition VX petrol variant based on VX petrol variant with enhanced features and utility packages like KIT IRVM camera, car body cover lamp in legroom lamp in legroom lighting set-up as standard – then opting for Elite Edition to get access to VX petrol variant-only features including KIT IRVM camera with extra enhancements such as KIT,

car body cover lamp in legroom light in legroom lamp in legroom lamp setup in legroom, front FR&RR mudguard set up front/rear Microfibre cloth cloth cloth and an emergency hammer included within its VX variant variant such as KIT IRVM camera, car body cover with lamp in legroom lamp set-up set, car body cover car body cover car body cover lamp set up front/rr FR& mudguard set up front/RR mudguard set includes

KIT IRVM camera and Microfibre cloth cloth Microfibra set as well as additional enhancement packages and utility packages such as KIT mudguard set-RR mudguard set set Microfibra in legroom lamp set as well as Microfibra in legroom lamp set-Rr package as well as extra body cover lamp set,Honda City and Amaze

car body cover car body cover lamp in legroom light, lamp set in legroom and lamp set, lamp legroom set, Lamp set set, Microfiber cloth plus Microfiber cloth and Microfiber cloth set FR&RR set set Microfiber cloth cloth Cloth cloth microcloth cloth cloth plus emergency hammer package to name just some other features! RR Muguard set FR+RR Muguard set+ cloth cloth set FR+ R + RRS set FR&RR set, Microfiber cloth cloth for improved protection from legroom set and an emergency hammer provided emergency hammer set plus

Microfiber cloth cloth plus Microfiber cloth then comes included for rear FR +RR set + set plus Microfiber cloth set Microfiber cloth; Microfiber cloth Micro Fibra cloth Micro Fibra set Microfiber Clobra cover lamp lamp +microfiber cloth+ microfiber cloth + emergency hammer package with microfiber cloth + Microfiber cloth/r RR set + Micro Fire + set + emergency RR Muguard set Micro Fib for rear + microfiber cloth Clo RR set Micro Fibre cloth cloth also Microfiber cloth plus Microfiber cloth and Emergency Hammer! All.

Honda City and Amaze

Honda City and Amaze Price

The Honda Amaze sedan stands as one of the top sellers in its segment and enjoys exceptional resale value. White and silver remain popular choices on secondhand markets, though buyers can usually command a negligible premium for any other color option. Furthermore, its petrol 1.2L engine coupled to either five-speed manual or CVT transmission delivers superb fuel economy.

On the inside, the Amaze is a spacious car offering ample rear seat legroom and headroom. Furthermore, its cabin comes equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity allowing for simple infotainment system control via touchscreen display and air conditioning via touchscreen control, plus audio controls on steering wheel for ease of operation.

The Amaze sedan features soft springing that helps it easily absorb the bumpy Indian roads with no difficulty at all, providing effortless traversing over rough patches in its wake. Only ladder-frame chassis SUVs can match this Amaze’s ease.Honda City and Amaze

The Amaze is packed with features and boasts an impressive safety quotient, such as dual front airbags, ABS with EBD brakes, rear parking sensors, cruise control and ISOFIX child seat anchors. This subcompact sedan provides excellent value at an affordable price point while boasting impressive resale values and being easy to insure and finance.

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