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Google Pixel Feature Drop for June Brings Gemini AI | Best Google phone in 2024 ?

Gemini AI

Google’s June Pixel Feature Drop begins rolling out today and includes Gemini Nano, an on-device AI model that works independently from the cloud, for Pixel 8 phones as a developer option. Also included in this release is more comprehensive transcription summary in the Recorder app as well as support for external display connectivity via USB-C for Pixel Fold and sixth-gen Pro devices.

Gemini AI Nano

Google is providing its Gemini Nano generative AI model on-device processing on both Pixel 8 and 8a devices, enabling some on-device processing capabilities. Gemini Nano is Google’s smallest AI model designed for on-device use and intended to help devices perform AI functions without resorting to cloud servers.

Gemini Nano was initially only available on Pixel 8 Pro devices; with June’s Feature Drop, however, Gemini Nano will become an option available through device settings for these phones as a Developer Option. Over time, Gemini Nano may become compatible with additional third-party apps and services.

The Nano model can be used for detailed transcriptions in the Recorder app, Smart Replies on GBoard, photo captions in YouTube, object detection in photos automatically described to TalkBack (an assistive technology tool for visually impaired), as well as using it as an alternative screen reader software option or aid for deaf people.

Pixel owners will soon be able to connect their devices over USB-C and use reverse phone number lookup for unknown numbers, fall/crash detection on the Pixel Watch 2 as well as doorbell notifications for their tablet device will all become part of this month’s June Feature Drop. All these features will start rolling out this month!

Gemini AI

Gemini AI | External Display Connectivity

The June Pixel Feature Drop has just started rolling out with new and enhanced features across Google phones, tablets and foldables. Some highlights of this release are Gemini Nano coming to Pixel phones as well as tablet doorbell notifications for doorbell notifications – among many others!

Google Gemini Nano is their most efficient on-device AI model designed for on-device tasks. Now available as a developer option to Pixel 8 and 8a users, Gemini Nano powers features like Recorder app’s summarization feature and Smart Reply in Gboard; plus many others!

One significant change with Pixel devices is their support for external display output via the USB-C jack, making docks and other accessories that connect them directly to television screens even more useful.

On the Pixel tablet side, we are also receiving the Google Home Favorites widget for quick smart home control on your home screen. Simply arrange this widget with the controls you use most often and launch them more efficiently!

Gemini AI  | Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Google is rolling out an exciting update for Pixel smartphones, tablets and foldables with the June Pixel feature drop. This update expands access to Gemini Nano generative AI model first announced back in March; developer options on Pixel 8a models allow Gemini Nano to perform AI tasks on-device without an internet connection; also enhanced transcripts within Recorder app by identifying speakers by name making exporting text files or Google Docs simpler than before.Gemini AI

Pixel 6 series and newer phones receive a reverse phone number search function directly in their call log, similar to Truecaller apps; this should help identify unknown callers more quickly. Meanwhile, both tablets and Fold are receiving enhanced face swapping via Best Take photo mode; Recorder app has gained an enhanced search function that’ll let users locate specific recordings quickly; additionally this June Pixel feature drop includes an improved Find My Device network that can locate Pixel phones (even if turned off or with dead batteries),

improved doorbell notifications on Pixel tablets and sixth-gen Pixel phones; additionally improved face swapping via Best Take photo mode; improved face swapping with Best Take photo mode as well as improved face swapping with Best Take photo mode on these three devices;Gemini AI

This update also adds display port support to both Pixel 8 and 8A models, enabling them to output content via USB-C to a second screen; and extends emergency sharing feature of Pixel Watch 2 across any Android wearables. Furthermore, wallet app will now offer expanded support in India so you can store boarding passes, loyalty cards, event tickets, public transport tickets and gift cards securely in one convenient place.Gemini AI

Gemini AI

Gemini AI  | Doorbell Notifications

Pixel Watch owners can now enjoy enhanced doorbell notifications when docked in hub mode, providing a glimpse of visitors before they arrive at your doorstep. This was introduced as part of last month’s Android Feature Drop. Pixel phones and tablets also receive enhanced Recorder transcripts using Gemini which identify speakers by name for better conversational summaries that can be exported as text files or Google Docs making managing interviews or lectures simpler than ever. Lastly, phones now support USB-C connections for enhanced viewing experiences for movies, TV shows or presentationsGemini AI

Pixel phones can be tracked remotely using Google’s Find My Device network even if they’re powered off or don’t have any battery left, giving users peace of mind when leaving them behind. Plus, camera features such as improved frame selection and HDR with Autofocus Scan help minimize photos with blurry backgrounds.Gemini AI

Google has made Gemini Nano their most efficient AI model built specifically for on-device tasks, making it possible to perform AI functions with more flexibility than previous models without needing an internet connection or needing a password. You can activate it on either Pixel 8 or 8a by visiting Settings > System > Developer options > AICore and toggling on-device GenAI features.

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