18th Lok Sabha

First Session of the 18th Lok Sabha to Start on June 24 | Best PM Ever ?

18th Lok Sabha

Beginning June 24 and continuing until July 3, MPs will take their oath of office and elect a Speaker, while pro-tem Speakers may also be appointed by the President to carry out House proceedings.18th Lok Sabha

Molly Reynolds discusses why an inexperienced speaker may either hinder or assist their job performance.18th Lok Sabha

18th Lok Sabha | First Session of the 18th Lok Sabha

Kiren Rijiju, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, has announced on Wednesday that the first session of 18th Lok Sabha will begin on June 24. This first session is expected to feature swearing-in of new members, election of Speaker, and President’s address to both Houses. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may introduce his cabinet members after President’s address has concluded.18th Lok Sabha

Rijiju stated that elections for Speaker will take place after newly-elected Members of Parliament take their oaths of membership or affirmation, typically by members of the ruling party or coalition – for instance BJP members Somnath Chatterjee, Meira Kumar, Sumitra Mahajan and Om Birla have held this post previously.18th Lok Sabha

However, the Congress is considering their chances of winning the Speaker’s post as they attempt to undermine BJP majority rule. Andhra Pradesh BJP leader and former state Chief Minister Daggubati Purandeswari may be under consideration as she is sister-in-law of TDP president Chandrababu Naidu as well as daughter of TDP founder NT Rama Rao – two key TDP figures who could help secure it for them selves a seat on parliament.

Moneycontrol reports that the first part of Parliament session will last eight days from June 24 to July 3. A pro-tem Speaker will be appointed to preside over initial sessions, administer oaths, and conduct elections for Speaker on June 26.

18th Lok Sabha

18th Lok Sabha | Pro-Tem Speaker

After this week’s election of a new Speaker of the House, 6th District Representative Ben Cline has been chosen as one of seven members to act as Pro-Tem Speaker and preside over House sessions when necessary; additionally they also serve on committees.

Presiding officer positions are highly influential, as the person assigned this responsibility holds immense power to conduct business on the floor of the House. On Thursday, Cline expressed his pride for having been given this responsibility and said he felt honored that WHSV had chosen him.

There have been various speculations regarding who will serve as pro-tem speaker of Parliament. A section of the Opposition wants this position to go to someone from outside of the National Democratic Alliance coalition party; however, given their significant influence over House proceedings, BJP is unlikely to cede this power to an ally and handover this role easily.

Former union ministers Radha Mohan Singh and Jual Oram were potential candidates, along with senior BJP MPs Bhartruhari Mahtab, Kodikunil Suresh, Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, Virendra Kumar (a Dalit leader and seven-term MP from Madhya Pradesh), was also in contention. The saffron party hopes that its candidate can entice Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party and Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United).18th Lok Sabha

18th Lok Sabha | Election of the Speaker

The Speaker is one of the most influential positions in the House of Representatives. They preside over proceedings in the chamber and determine what issues will be debated, appointed committee members to committees and recommended appropriations requests, while upholding discipline and decorum by suspending offenders from sitting.18th Lok Sabha

Pelosi has widespread support among her Democratic caucus and is therefore the overwhelming favorite to become Speaker; however, some anti-Pelosi Democrats are challenging her candidacy and it could go to multiple rounds of voting as happened 16 times since 1789.

Traditionally, outgoing Speakers join their new counterpart at the dais and hand over the gavel as a symbol of power transition between parties. This serves as a peaceful transition.

The BJP has yet to make an announcement regarding their preferred Speaker candidate; speculation suggests they may consider TDP or JD(U) leaders for consideration, although they would probably rather keep this position for themselves as it plays such a crucial role in government formation.18th Lok Sabha

18th Lok Sabha

18th Lok Sabha| President’s Address

Congress has faced numerous complex and contentious issues over the last several years, one of the most pressing being a funding deadline that must be met by Nov 17 or risk a government shutdown.

On June 27, the 18th Lok Sabha will commence with its inaugural session and commence oath/affirmation ceremonies for newly elected members, as well as election of Speaker and debate on President’s Address, according to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju. Furthermore, presentation of Economic Survey will also occur along with motion of thanks on Presidential Address by ET report.

Speakers play an influential role in shaping legislation through working closely with House committees, often becoming key figures within their parties – for instance Democrat Samuel J. Randall who served as speaker during the late 19th century and helped define Progressive politics, while Henry Clay who helped elect John Quincy Adams as President in 1824 are just two such speakers whose influence can be felt far and wide.

Johnson’s relative youth and inexperience could either help or hinder him in his new position, depending on whether he can secure widespread support for his agenda and overcome internal Republican divisions, explains Congressional correspondent Molly Reynolds. Additionally to their typical duties of office, Speakers should lead their House as well as safeguard its Constitution-enshrined separation of powers.

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