Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda Concept Revealed | Best Upcoming Car In 2024 ?

Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles‘ popular Panda concept car will receive a facelift and electric vehicle drivetrain upgrade. Aimed at young and dynamic customers looking for an accessible vehicle featuring smart solutions and fun, this overhaul targets young and dynamic individuals specifically.

This unique concept car boasts a 7″ touchscreen radio, exclusive ceramic blue livery, black ceiling, seats with techno-leather details and fabric side panels, as well as fabric side panels.Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Panda Boxy | Worldwide Success Since its introduction in 1980, the Fiat Panda has enjoyed remarkable global success as one of its flagship models. Today it holds onto its top selling spot in Italy for 8 consecutive years while leading both European city car markets alongside 500. Much of this can be credited to special series exploring new territory for this little cub.Fiat Grande Panda

The Cross is designed for customers who require city car capabilities with off-road capabilities at an accessible and cost effective price point. Powered by petrol, diesel or methane fuel options in both 4×2 and 4×4 versions with optional 4×4 traction capability and equipped with the 70hp 1.0 FireFly hybrid engine, The Cross offers versatile mobility at an accessible and cost effective price.

Interior of the ‘cross’ model features distinct elements. Its ceramic blue livery complements beautifully its black roof and door panels and 15″ Life rims featuring contrast black details. An optional “Pandemonio Pack”, inspired by 2006 Panda 100 HP kit with red brake calipers and techno-leather steering wheel featuring red stitching can add further brightness to its interior.

Fiat Grande Panda

Mopar has released their D-Fence by Mopar pack for optimal car hygiene, offering three devices for optimal interior care: a filter that prevents outside impurities from entering through passenger compartment doors; particulate filter which effectively eliminates allergens by 98%, mold or bacteria reduction up to 98% and air purifying device; as well as deodorizer for deodorizing.

Fiat’s business strategy of investing heavily into one model and hoping it sells well has produced some of the most desirable small cars ever, such as its 1100 model from 1950, 1960’s 124 model from 1961-1982 and 128 models from 1970-1984 as well as today’s Punto and Panda cars.

Fiat unveiled five special series to commemorate four decades of Panda success, each representing its “three souls”. Customers looking for driving and character may prefer Sport; those seeking economical city car with ample room may consider Life; Camper is designed for off-road adventure that pays homage to its predecessor’s versatility as both SUV and companion vehicle.Fiat Grande Panda

Stellantis’ STLA Smart platform features hybrid drivetrains to give buyers all of the advantages associated with hybrid vehicle homologation – free parking in city centers, reduced noise pollution levels and tax breaks are just some of them.

Fiat’s latest concept car provides an X-themed preview of their Panda lineup in terms of design. Showcasing an eye-catching interpretation of 1980s 4x4s with high ground clearance and chunky proportions as well as futuristic features which could become available on future production models, Fiat has unveiled this prototype with hopes that future production models may resemble it more closely in terms of aesthetic.Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda

Based off of the ‘Life’ trim level, this special Panda expresses urban style with 15″ Life wheel rims and black accents such as mirror caps and skid plates. At its rear gate is an eye-catching black trim piece featuring the Panda badge emblazoned.

Inside this car is two-tone gray upholstery on both seats and door panels with black dashboard and Uconnect 7″ touchscreen radio with DAB digital system for Apple CarPlay compatibility and manual air conditioning as standard features.

The current Panda has made history as an enjoyable city car. Receiving multiple prestigious awards like 2004 Car of the Year and 2017 4×4 of the Year from UK magazine 4×4, its distinctive character made history when it became the first city car ever to reach Everest Base Camp as well as complete Dakar Rally!Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda

Aesthetically, the new Panda epitomizes urban style. Boasting its signature Ceramic Blue pastel paint job and 15″ Life wheel rims paired with black accents like double red tow hooks below its bumper grille as well as skid plates, roof racks and side protective bands, its modern aesthetic stands out from competitors.

Internally, the Panda exudes functionality. Its new seats and dashboard are covered in eco-friendly techno leather derived from renewable resources; additional features include a 7″ touchscreen radio equipped with DAB digital radio technology that supports Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto support; automatic air conditioning system that includes smartphone mount functionality on demand and smartphone mount support.

Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat offers an eco-friendly Mild Hybrid variant with 118hp electric motor that is claimed to cover 149 miles on one charge, according to company estimates. Charging of up to 85kW occurs within five minutes according to Fiat estimates.

Fiat has enhanced their finance options for customers looking to drive the Panda without owning it outright. Alongside traditional instalment loans, leasing options include open-ended contracts that give return, purchase or swap after their contracted period has concluded; as well as all-inclusive private lease contracts offering main insurance, assistance services and infomobility solutions.Fiat Grande Panda

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