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Everything Announced at the Xbox Games Showcase | Best Gaming App In 2024 ?

Xbox Games

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase offered plenty to explore, from Payday 3’s new look and feel to medieval Doom remake. Furthermore, upgraded Xbox Series X|S consoles were announced.

Atomfall from Sniper Elite developers was among the new releases, offering us our first glimpse at their survival action game about nuclear disaster, due to launch this fall exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Xbox Games | Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

Call of Duty returns this year with Black Ops 6. During Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase and subsequent Call of Duty Direct event, Activision and developer Treyarch showed a new gameplay trailer for Black Ops 6.

Trailer Players enter the cockpit of an advanced, underwater reconnaissance craft known as ARAS to evaluate a massive submarine off Rebirth Island that Central Command has identified as urgent and requires immediate response. Xbox Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be released on Oct. 25, offering new Campaign, Multiplayer, and Round-Based Zombies modes (including two brand new maps at launch). It promises to offer one of the most expansive Call of Duty experiences ever with global scope and an abundance of fresh multiplayer gameplay elements. Xbox Games

Campaign is a captivating and intense spy thriller set in the early 1990s, several years after Cold War is said to have ended. Notable political figures like Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton will play important roles. Xbox Games

Xbox Games

Xbox Games | Gears of War: E-Day

At the conclusion of Xbox’s Summer Game Fest showcase, Microsoft promised “one more thing.” A cinematic trailer revealed a prequel called E-Day that takes place 14 years prior to Emergence Day; when Locust Hordes first emerged on Sera to wage war against humanity.

The Coalition’s Gears team is working tirelessly on an experience that stays true to the franchise while pushing it into the future with next-gen technology. Their goal is for classic Gears gameplay – charging between covers in life-or-death situations while firing chainsaw-equipped Lancers from player perspective – combined with emotive character storytelling and an action-packed campaign experience.

The studio is also expanding upon this period of Gears history that will play out throughout future stories. At their showcase, The Coalition teased fans with an “origins story” and promised that E-Day campaign will introduce younger versions of Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago as well as featuring “a new form of the iconic chainsaw Lancer,” similar to an early form from Gears 3. Xbox Games

Xbox Games | Doom: The Dark Ages

Doom: The Dark Ages marks a new chapter for long-running demonic shooter series Doom, announced at Xbox Games Showcase by id Software and taking it back to its medieval roots for an exciting narrative and aesthetic experience, mixing brutal action with elements of medieval fantasy. Xbox Games

Doom: The Dark Ages’ trailer shows Doom Slayer fighting demons in an ancient medieval setting while still featuring frenetic precision gameplay that fans have become accustomed to. Additionally, there are new weapons such as chained mace and furry cape for fans to explore.

The trailer also depicts Doom Slayer fighting off an army of demons, both new ones as well as familiar ones from DOOM’s classic bestiary. The Dark Ages will explore where his anger came from – showing how he transformed from kingdom’s last hope into Hell’s greatest threat – eventually being released in 2025 on Xbox Series X, PC (via Game Pass) and PlayStation 5.

Xbox Games | Fragpunk

Fragpunk is an exciting fast-paced hero shooter developed by Bad Guitar Studio that seeks to push the limits of its genre with a card system. Boasting hero-specific abilities and weapons that power through battles, its main distinguishing factor from other hero shooters lies within a unique gameplay modifier card system.

Players will have the ability to select three cards at the beginning of every round and use them to alter set rules on the battlefield. For instance, one could increase your jump height while another might flip the map by switching floors and ceilings around; another might engulf bullets in flame or turn them into chain lightning; finally resurrect teammates may also be possible using these cards.

Fragpunk will arrive for Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025 with its cute cel-shaded aesthetic to help stand out amongst a competitive genre. It also boasts quick and furious rounds which require you to aim true and react swiftly in order to win! It features exciting cards which add variety to every match while rounds are short and intense; so, in order to succeed at winning you must aim accurate shots quickly in order to become victorious!

Xbox Games

Xbox Games | Winter Burrow

Winter Burrow puts players into the role of a mouse who returns home only to find it crumbling, their aunt gone and resources depletion – an intimate woodland survival game from publisher Noodlecake and developer Pine Creek Games which will have them exploring lively environments while gathering resources, crafting tools, socializing with characters and trying to restore your broken-down house.

In the game’s reveal trailer, you’ll watch as your hero uses an arsenal of weapons such as shotguns and other deadly firearms to dismember enemies and defeat them with ease. Xbox Series X | S will launch it sometime around 2025.

At this year’s showcase, we got our first look at South of Midnight from Compulsion Games and We Happy Few creators – set in an immersive fantasy swamp setting and due for release sometime around 2025. Additionally, a cinematic for Fable by Playground Games (a revival of Lionhead Game Studios’ RPG saga) was revealed.

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