You are currently viewing Donald Trump: Get Donald Trump convicted in the case of giving secret money to a porn star, the former President said this | Best pm ?

Donald Trump: Get Donald Trump convicted in the case of giving secret money to a porn star, the former President said this | Best pm ?

Donald Trump

A New York court on Thursday sentenced former US President Donald Trump 2016 Gave money to a porn star to hide her ties before the presidential election, There itself,During the same hearing, all the accused in his case 34 Found guilty on serious charges. 

Case of Trump giving money to porn star Stormy Daniels 2016 Is of. In fact, It was revealed that Trump had a relationship with this porn star and he was accused of killing Stormi to hide it. 1 Lakh 30 Had paid thousand. 

Big blow for Trump 

This is a huge blow to Trump because Donald Trump is continuing his campaign against President Joe Biden. after the jury’s verdict, Trump strongly condemned the trial, calling it disgraceful and rigged. 

Trump’s legal team will challenge the decision 

The big thing is that Trump has become the first President in American history to be convicted of a crime. Trump also criticized the Manhattan District Attorney and the Biden administration, making baseless claims of his influence on the case. Trump’s legal team will challenge the decision. 

Donald Trump

star Stormi had said this 

Stormy herself had revealed that 2006 Trump and he were having an affair. The porn star had alleged that Trump had physical relations with her after promising to make her a TV star. Although, Trump had denied this. 

Explainer: What cases are currently going on against Donald Trump, what can happen in them?

Court’s decision in hush money case has come. Donald Trump is the first former US President to be found guilty in any criminal case.. This had never happened in American history. donald trump all 34 found guilty of charges. The jury is close to hearing the verdict against Donald Trump. 10 thoughts for hoursdiscussed.

All this happened just before the US presidential elections, Which is a big blow for Donald Trump. What punishment will Donald Trump receive?, on this now 11 Hearing will be held in July. But it’s not clear whether other lawsuits will be filed, according to a report in The Economist., In which he is accused of betraying the country and mishandling sensitive documents.. Will the decision in those cases come before the elections or not?.Would a majority of American voters agree that Trump should face off against presumptive Democratic nominee President Joe Biden?, it is uncertain

Donald Trump

Falsification of business records 

Donald Trump

trial: 15 april-30 May 2024 

Donald Trump has been convicted in the only case so far that has gone to trial.. Trump faces all charges of falsifying business records 34 was found guilty in serious cases. chronologically, This charge was first brought, but in terms of importance, This is the least serious of the allegations against Trump. Falsifying business records is not a crime unless it leads to another crime.

The case was legally complex. Government lawyers increased his guilt by arguing that Trump violated a New York state election law that criminalizes conspiring to influence proceedings by unlawful means.. punishment in this case 11 to be heard in July. Although the former President may be sentenced to jail. But most experts believe this is unlikely because he is a first-time non-violent offender

Election interference in Georgia 

the government lawyer 17 november 2023 filed a motion in which 5 august 2024 demanded to start 

According to government lawyer Fani Willis, Trump committed a criminal act. they in georgia 2020 Tried to change the outcome of the presidential election, the state he lost. 14 august 2023 Willis convicted Trump on fraud and other charges. Trump used a law designed for the mafia to target his opponents. their alleged crimes differare different. some of his supporters

whom fake voteris referred to as, He is said to have submitted false paperwork to Congress and claimed that Trump had won Georgia..His supporters allegedly harassed election workers and stole voting data. Willis claims Trump united them and inspired their illegal actions

Donald Trump

election interference 

trial: basically 4 march 2024 the date was set for, but it was postponed Jack Smith has alleged that Trump 2020 Tried to change the outcome of the presidential election. This is the most serious case against the former President. smith,US attorneyAppointed by General Merrick Garland He is an Independent Advocate. 1 august 2023 Smith accuses Trump of conspiring to betray the United States,

Accused of conspiring to obstruct official proceedings and deprive Americans of the right to have their votes counted. Trump’s lawyers argue he should have immunity from prosecution for actions related to his official duties. Former presidents cannot be prosecuted in civil court for such actions, And Trump wants it full presidential exemptionextend to the criminal area. Smith says Trump’s alleged overturning of election results was against official duty. trial, which is basically 4 was supposed to start in March, This appeal has been delayed as a result. 6 On February, a Washington DC court rejected Trump’s argument.. They had requested that the Supreme Court stop the trial

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

misuse of documents 

trial: postponed indefinitely 

13 june 2023 To, In a separate case brought by Smith, Trump’s alleged misuse of classified documents after leaving the White House 37 The charges were prosecuted in a Florida court.. Most of the allegations by the lawyer 1917 brought under the Espionage Act of, Which makes it a crime to possess secret government documents without permission.

It is said that the former PresidentMaintained records about the weapons programs and military capabilities of other countries. Trump is also accused of obstructing investigators. 27 july 2023 Co’s lawyers filed new charges accusing him of attempting to destroy evidence. They allege that the former President knew that possessing and leaking secret papers was a serious crime.; that he hid them in unsafe places and refused to hand them over when ordered; And he used to brag about his likeness. The indictment claims the documents were obtained from a private club in Florida. AWas placed at various places in Lagos, where trump lives

There are many more cases 

There are many more civil trials to be held against Trump. May 2023 A jury in Manhattan convicted Trump in 1990 A writer in the decade of. Jean Carroll was sexually assaulted and later defamed.

found liable to. 26 A different jury indicted him on January 83 Ordered to pay damages of more than million dollars. New York State accuses Trump of inflating his net worth to secure loan. Judge finds Trump liable for fraud before trial begins, And 16 them on february 355 million dollars (interest bearing) ordered to pay. barred him from holding a top position in a New York corporation for three years.

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