Dimple Kapadia

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Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia debuted in Bollywood with Rishi Kapoor’s 1973 film ‘Bobby.’ She quickly found love with Rajesh Khanna who was 15 years older than herself soon after the movie released and soon married him shortly thereafter.

Dimple and Ranbir experienced challenges in their marriage due to a wide age difference. She eventually returned to acting and has over 69 movies under her belt including Saagar, Insaf, Zakhmi Aurat and Ram Lakhan.

Dimple Kapadia  | Born as Dimple Chunnibhai Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia was born in 1957 in Gujarati actress. She made her acting debut in 1973 film Bobby, where her performance earned critical acclaim and garnered her a Filmfare Award nomination. Subsequently, she took a break from acting to focus on family. Later returning to movies such as Janbaaz, Saagar Rudaali & Krantiveer she continued receiving critical acclaim – her roles being well received among audiences and critics.

Dimple Kapadia made headlines for her role as Akshaye Khanna’s love interest in Dil Chahta Hai and earned critical acclaim from critics for her performance. Additionally, Dimple starred alongside Vijayendra Ghatge and Madhu Malhotra in Ateet, which was later cancelled.

Cocktail (2012) earned her critical acclaim, with viewers appreciating her performance as Naini P Pandey, Chulbul Pandey’s mother. Her contributions helped give substance and depth to the film.

Dimple Kapadia is widely recognized for her immense versatility as an actress who has graced various genres over her long career, winning multiple awards and accolades along the way. Homi Adajania has worked closely with Dimple Kapadia on projects like Cocktail, Finding Fanny and Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo, sharing how their relationship has changed through time.

Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia | Married to Rajesh Khanna

Dimple Kapadia’s romance with Rajesh Khanna – one of Bollywood’s iconic superstars who seduced women with his charismatic charm – remains one of its most poignant love stories, although their marriage ended quickly and they divorced in 1982.

Dimple and Bobby’s marriage caused much debate due to their enormous age difference – Dimple was only 16 at the time and her husband 31. Their turbulent relationship soon became one of the talking points of Hollywood.

Dimple and John had many disagreements throughout their marriage; yet the fact that they never divorced speaks volumes for their love for each other. Even after Dimple left John behind, she stayed by his side during his final days.

Dimple’s second marriage with Akshay Kumar is more discreet. Dimple rarely speaks about their relationship in public, which helps maintain privacy within her marriage and keep their bond strong.

Dimple and Akshay share great mutual respect, supporting one another in their careers and having open communication; which has helped resolve conflicts quickly and remain happy in their marriage. Dimple and Akshay have three daughters together and remain an incredibly caring and supportive couple.

Dimple Kapadia  | Acting career

Dimple Kapadia quickly rose to star status after making her film debut in Raj Kapoor’s 1973 teen romance Bobby, thanks to her impressive acting prowess and vibrant personality, earning numerous accolades and awards for both acting prowess and her warm, charismatic persona. However, Dimple’s separation from superstar husband Rajesh Khanna caused shockwaves across Bollywood causing her to take an extended leave from acting.

Dimple Kapadia found great success despite her move away from movies. She went on to star in several dramas and comedies such as Patiala House, Dil Dariya, Cocktail and What the Fish Is That; her portrayal as a middle-aged divorcee in Farhan Akhtar’s Dil Chahta Hai was particularly well received; similarly her turn as a middle-aged single parent in Pyaar Mein Twist received positive reviews.

Dimple has since continued to make appearances in films and television shows, such as Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller Tenet (2013) where her portrayal as a seductive lady earned widespread acclaim.

Dimple Kapadia recently appeared in Netflix’s web series Tandav (2021). Her performance as a vengeful politician has received positive feedback, particularly her humorous and witty portrayal. Dimple is truly remarkable actor with recent roles that showcase her talent – we wish her nothing but success on this special occasion!

Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia  | Personal life

Dimple Kapadia was the daughter of Gujarati businessman Chunnibhai Kapadia and Betty Kapadia, an Ismaili. Dimple had two siblings; Simple Kapadia (her elder) and Munna Kapadia. Dimple earned the name Dimple thanks to a cleft on her chin which became nicknamed Dimple over time. Dimple debuted in film industry with Bobby in 1973 and soon after became an overnight sensation, beloved by audiences around the country for both her bubbly personality and impeccable style sartorial choices (such as her polka dot top and short skirt combos have now gone down in history).

Six months after releasing Bobby, Dimple married Rajesh Khanna – which nearly destroyed her career and led to her leaving acting altogether for 12 years before making a comeback through over 69 films after her divorce with him.

She earned critical acclaim in both commercial and art house films alike; even earning her an Academy Award nomination for Saagar! Additionally, she gave several hits that audiences adored.

Dimple Kapadia is currently working on projects with her son-in-law Akshay Kumar and has received critical acclaim for her performance in Dil Chahta Hai. Fans have shown great delight and energy towards Dimple’s performance; her fans remain extremely pleased by this display of talent from such a veteran actress.

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