Best Bowler In 2024

Curtley Ambrose Dissects Jasprit Bumrah | Best Bowler In 2024 ?

Best Bowler In 2024

Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling action and technique is unmistakably distinctive, featuring hyperextended elbows, short run-up with small stride length, and short run-ups with short stuttering strides that create an unpredictable beast for batters to face off against.

He can use gravity against him to gain time on Shaw with an offcutter-bouncer, and generate pace at will while quickly changing angles.

Best Bowler In 2024 | 1. He’s a natural.

Bumrah stands out as a fast bowler due to his natural ability to generate pace, making him difficult for any batsman in the game. His unique bowling action generates speed off his shoulders and chest; thus making him highly-skilled enough to challenge even elite batsmen every time he steps onto the pitch.

His ball travels at high speed, extracts movement off the seam and bounces off the pitch to fool batters into misjudging its location. One of the most accurate bowlers in history of cricket, he can also make reverse swing when needed.

Bumrah has an outstanding reading of batters. He knows when and how to employ slower balls with an impact that would make Shane Warne proud, while his yorkers can create late movement in an effort to unsettle batsmen.Best Bowler In 2024

Bumrah stands out from other bowlers with his intelligence, producing spells of destruction such as his seven wickets for only one run against England at Perth last year or his five wicket haul against a formidable South Africa side at Bridgetown that prevented them from winning Test matches.

Best Bowler In 2024

Best Bowler In 2024 |  2. He’s a born bowler.

Bumrah has emerged as one of the game’s premier all-format bowlers and fastest fast bowlers ever seen in T20 cricket, taking wickets at an astounding rate while picking up at least one wicket every four overs during his current Test campaign.

He’s an all-round pitcher, capable of devastating strikes from either end of the length spectrum and anywhere in between, beguiling with slower balls as well as knowing when and how best to use his arsenal of pitches.Best Bowler In 2024

Rilee Rossouw in Mumbai received a sublime yorker that came from over the wicket with the new ball and swerved directly at his stumps to shatter them into gory spatters. Although exaggerated and not intended as an intentional big shot shot, he was forced to get off his back foot in response.Best Bowler In 2024

Windies icon Clive Lloyd heaped praise upon Bumrah and advised him against altering his signature bowling action, even after suffering injuries in the past. Lloyd believes Bumrah’s consistent bowling action stems from an intelligent approach to cricket and that wickets should continue being chased regardless of pitch conditions; keeping up enough pace that batters cannot react quickly enough when something comes up!Best Bowler In 2024

Best Bowler In 2024 | 3. He’s a human being.

Bumrah has an extraordinary skill-set beyond speed alone. Not only can he deliver a devastating yorker on the up, he can also generate significant lift and make the ball dip alarmingly; and can defy gravity on off-spin deliveries much shorter than what his target batter expects.

Bumrah’s arsenal is vast: be it slow deliveries that make batters chase wickets, beguiling slower ones which grip and stop, or seamers that move quickly while remaining harmless; Bumrah can do them all – the secret behind his genius lies in knowing when and how best to utilize each technique.

His bowling length against South Africa in ODIs and Australia in T20 World Cup shows his awareness of when to use different parts of his arsenal; otherwise he would choose shorter balls that pose less challenge to batsmen than longer lengths he keeps at his disposal.

Find an optimal balance is something many bowlers struggle with and it has made him so dangerous for India in recent times.

Best Bowler In 2024

Best Bowler In 2024 |  4. He’s a cricketer.

Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling skills are admirable; he can swing, seam and make the ball bounce at pace – something most bowlers cannot accomplish successfully. Bumrah, however, excels at all three tasks simultaneously.Best Bowler In 2024

That is precisely why he is such a dangerous opponent – his multiple moves make it very hard for batters to read him, leading them down paths towards disaster on both ends of the pitching arc.Best Bowler In 2024

Whatever type of pitch they deliver – inswinger or outswinger – he can render any batsman helpless against them. His bouncers may cause spin on the pitch while his slower balls will stop any batsman in their tracks.Best Bowler In 2024

Bumrah demonstrates his all-round abilities by closing out Test matches – something which was shown clearly at Vizag where he dismissed Phillips before almost taking down Williamson only for him to be denied by an umpire’s catch.Best Bowler In 2024

Watching Bumrah bowl can be nothing short of spectacular. His talent often goes unseen until one day he shows up and amazes with an astounding highlight reel performance that leaves you speechless. Without him it would be hard to imagine what this game would look like without him!Best Bowler In 2024

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