Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

Brixton Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro Roadster | best Automobile in 2024 ?

Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

Brixton has taken aim at the retro-bike market with their Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro. Based out of Austria and manufactured by KAW Veloce Motors of India, this ride has much to offer.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

Gaokin provides its 1,200cc parallel twin engine as the heart of this bike, producing 85 horsepower and 81 ft-lbs of torque. Other specifications include KYB stereo struts, Nissin brakes and Bosch ABS for added protection as well as ride-by-wire, traction control and riding modes for rider comfort.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

 Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro  | Features

Brixton’s Storr is designed to compete against the Triumph Bonneville and other modern-retro roadster offerings with its design that’s an almost-production version of its Cromwell 1200 concept bike shown at EICMA 2022. While not drastically different than its counterpart, its rear subframe may differ and tubeless spoke wheels may feature 19-inch front and 17-inch rear tires instead of an off-road setup like those found on its predecessor.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

Storr is an impressively comprehensive bike when it comes to features. Boasting KYB suspension and Nissin brakes from Nissin respectively, as well as Bosch electronic assist functions like riding modes and ABS. In addition, there is a TFT display located centrally within its handlebars for easy viewing.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

Everything about the Storr is designed to function, from its high front end and wide handlebars that create a strong presence on the street to the low and comfy seat with room for two pillion riders, plus its large steel fuel tank which can accommodate luggage racks. KAW Veloce Motors of India plans on importing several CKD (completely knocked down) units that will then be assembled at their plant in Kolhapur.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

 Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro  | Design

The Storr 1200 strikes an aesthetic balance between classic British traditionalism and raw, unbridled spontaneity. It takes its name from a rock formation on Skye that gives this rugged adventure bike its name; in this instance it perfectly represents Scotland.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

At EICMA 2022, Brixton unveiled its concept version of the Storr, and now they have received type-approval documents that officially confirm its specifications for showroom models. It will use the same Gaokin-built 486cc twin engine found on their Crossfire 500 models – which should produce up to 47 horsepower!Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

The Storr’s frame resembles that of the Crossfire in general, though its proportions have been altered slightly to give more of an upright roadster appearance. Front inverted forks feature inverted design while its hardtail rear features damped coilover shocks for shock absorption. KYB suspension components likely provide most of its suspension while Brembo’s J. Juan brake calipers could provide brake power.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

As yet, they do not have dealers in the US but according to their website a Stateside network will soon be established. Customers can still purchase the Cromwell and Crossfire models that serve as lower-price Triumph Bonneville and Scrambler replicas while their Storr model offers more capacity and sophistication than what’s currently available on the market.Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

 Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro  | Engine

The Cromwell 1200 series comes in both roadster and urban scrambler models and boasts a 1222cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine producing 83PS of power and 108Nm of torque, connected to a six-speed gearbox. With 18″ spoke front wheels and 17″ spoke rear wheels featuring tubeless tyres. 800mm seat height; weighs 235kg. Equipped with KYB suspension, Nissin brakes, ABS ride-by-wire suspension, ride-by-wire technology as well as Bosch electronic assists such as ABS ride-by-wire suspension ride-by-wire suspensions; ABS ride-by-wire technology as well as cruise control modes.

The Storr’s engine design may resemble that of Triumph’s Bonneville, but it isn’t an exact replica. Instead, this application-specific radiator uses tall slim radiators mounted ahead of down tubes in its frame to meet emissions standards without marring its appearance. Cylinder heads feature splayed exhaust ports while clever design features make the exhaust flow directly towards a silencer on each side for visual consistency and meeting emissions standards without spoiling its aesthetic appeal.

Gaokin will produce this engine, and as with similar parallel twins manufactured in China, it likely uses a 180-degree crankshaft – this should limit its potential for revving but ensure a smooth ride quality. Gaokin says they are working on developing one with a 270 degree crankshaft but this requires additional engineering work and development time.

Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro

 Cromwell 1200 Neo-Retro | Performance

Cromwell Motorcycles have already made an impressionful statement, from single to twin bikes, scramblers such as Cromwell 500X and Crossfire 125, and adventure models like Storr. Just like its Scrambler siblings, this upcoming model aims to strike a balance between essential Brixton purism and wildness of rugged north terrain.

New type-approval documents reveal more of what will make up the production model than were available when first revealed at EICMA 2022. It utilizes the same Gaokin-built 486cc parallel twin engine that powers Crossfires; an engine which closely mimics Honda’s CB500 engine capable of producing 47hp.

The Storr is made entirely of steel and features a single seat design for two riders with ample room for pillions thanks to a low and ribbed seat featuring a robust grabrail. Long front panels cover its massive fuel tank while providing mounting points for custom luggage bags – which we expect on its production version.

The chassis utilizes KYB suspension from the Crossfire 500 XC, another scrambler-style bike from this brand. Weighing 461 pounds wet with 56.7-inch wheelbase and featuring Brembo subsidiary J.Juan brakes as well as Bosch ABS like their other offerings, it weighs 461 pounds wet.

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