BMW i4 Recalled

BMW i4 Recalled In Europe Over Potential Chassis Defect | best car in 2024 ?

BMW i4 Recalled

Car manufacturers recall vehicles for various reasons, from minor fixes to serious safety risks posed by some models – and BMW’s latest recall falls squarely into this latter category.

The company has initiated a recall for some 2022 and 2023 BMW i4 sedans and iX SUVs due to battery software problems that may cause it to reset unexpectedly while driving, potentially disrupting electrical power delivery to vehicles while driving.

BMW i4 Recalled The Problem

The BMW i4 is one of the most desirable battery-electric cars on the market, offering compactness, sportiness and respectable range for its size. Unfortunately, BMW appears to have made some errors during production; as they’ve issued recall notices due to potential fire risks.BMW i4 Recalled

BMW discovered an issue in the high-voltage battery monitoring circuit of their i4 vehicle on March 14 this year, after becoming aware of a quality check anomaly during quality assurance checks. They initiated an extensive investigation with their battery supplier as well as reviewing production process records and images to discover that an electrical connection within the cell monitoring circuit wasn’t assembled in accordance with specification.BMW i4 Recalled

Vehicles affected could experience power cuts to their wheels, increasing the risk of accidents. BMW reports that this issue originated due to debris being exposed during manufacturing of their battery cells – potentially leading to short circuiting which in turn causes shorts which then spark fires.BMW i4 Recalled

BMW has notified owners and advised them to park their 2022 and 2023 i4 eDrive 40 and iX eDrive 50 models outdoors, away from structures until replacement parts arrive – though its exact availability cannot yet be ascertained. BMW will provide them with alternative transportation until this issue can be rectified.BMW i4 Recalled

BMW i4 Recalled

BMW i4 Recalled Remedy

As noted by German carmaker BMW in their recall notice, no crashes have been related to this issue; however, interruption of electrical power could result in stalling or temporary loss of driving ability.

BMW has advised their owners to park their vehicles outdoors away from structures that may spark fire, and not charge their i4s and iXs.BMW i4 Recalled

BMW engineers have identified what’s wrong with its high-voltage battery software. While performing end-of-line tests at their factory, they noticed that some connectors within the cell monitoring circuit weren’t assembled according to specifications, leading them to determine the source of their malfunctioning cells.BMW i4 Recalled

Panasonic appears to have neglected to pay close attention when installing connectors, potentially leading to them loosening over time and potentially breaking. Therefore, BMW has asked all affected i4 and iX owners to schedule an appointment with their local dealer as soon as possible.

BMW will replace the integrated braking system at no cost to owners and provide alternative transportation until their vehicle has been fixed. 2022 BMW i4 owners should watch for notification letters that will be mailed out next week, which include repair kits and instructions manuals; for 2023 models please reach out directly to your dealer in order to learn more about this recall.

BMW i4 Recalled Timeline

As of this writing, BMW has not received any reports of accidents or injuries as a result of this issue. BMW initially identified it through internal quality checks that led to investigation of affected battery modules; an investigation revealed damage during production which caused cathode plates to decompose, possibly leading to electrical short circuiting within battery cells that can eventually lead to fire hazard – thus prompting this recall initiative to prevent such fires from happening again.

BMW will be performing a software update to their high-voltage battery electronic control units that will eliminate the possibility of power interruption and replace any batteries found to have defective cathode plates, at no charge to owners. Dealers will provide this update, while letters will notify drivers about this recall recommendation and advise them to leave their vehicles parked and avoid structures which could catch fire when parking them.

The BMW i4 is the all-electric flagship model from their i brand, making its debut in 2021. A rear-wheel-drive EV, it produces 335bhp and 430 Nm of torque thanks to an 83.9kWh battery pack which gives it a claimed range of 590 km on one charge. Recently it received high marks in J.D. Power Quality and Dependability surveys which assess both initial owner feedback as well as long-term ownership experiences.

BMW i4 Recalled

BMW i4 Recalled Cost

BMW i4 owners affected by this recall can take advantage of a free battery module replacement service at their local workshop. They will be sent an invitation letter by BMW.

This issue stems from defective batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI battery supplier, where damaged cathode plates could allow debris or pieces to enter the cell and lead to short circuit and possible fire hazards.

The defective cells are found within the BMW i4’s high-voltage battery, which powers all its electrical systems. If an electronic control unit software reset occurs while driving, power would be interrupted and risk of an accident increases significantly.

According to BMW, this issue was identified during a quality check at one of its factories and no accidents or injuries have resulted from this issue.

If you own a 2022-2023 BMW i4 sedan or crossover, park it outside and do not drive until all battery modules have been replaced and charged back in. Last summer, several 2022 i4s and iX models were recalled due to potential battery fire risks.

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