Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya of Nadiad | Best Bowler In 2024

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel is an outstanding young Indian cricketer. He currently represents Delhi Capitals in the IPL as well as Gujarat and India internationally. Axar hails from Nadiad, located within Kheda district in Gujarat.

He possesses tremendous potential and has shown tremendous skill with both bowling and batting, not to mention being an adept fielder.

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya | He was born in Nadiad

Axar Patel has quickly made his presence known with his impressive left-arm spin bowling talent, boasting two five wicket hauls in just two tests since debuting. Born in Nadiad, Gujarat and raised by father Rajesh who wanted him to pursue mechanical engineering instead, but allowed cricket because it kept his son fit while keeping time from being wasted like other youth activities might.

Patel earned the name of Jayasuriya from his teammates at Kheda Cricket Academy, where he spent mornings training and evenings playing tennis-ball cricket under lights. Although his coaches tried to keep him focused on red ball cricket, Jay was always more than content to have fun with his friends!

At 15, he made his Ranji debut and soon thereafter established himself in India’s national team. Even with all his IPL and national contracts’ earnings, he still lives with his wife and two children in Nadiad despite living off IPL money alone; recently as an act of gratitude his family renovated part of Shree Santram Temple here in town as an act of reparation.

Axar lives approximately 60 kilometers outside Ahmedabad in Nadiad, an upper middle class neighbourhood typical of Gujarati culture. Roads from Nadiad lead straight to his maze-like bungalow with the sign “Rajkiran.” Crowds gather regularly at his home both weekdays and weekends just so they can catch a glimpse of their hometown hero!

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya | He is a left-arm orthodox spinner

Axar Patel of Nadiad has brought to life a forgotten tradition of left-arm spinners from Gujarat and Indian cricket, from Vinoo Mankad to current star Axar Patel. Between these seven spinners from this part of India has amassed 637 Test wickets with six making Nadiad their home and forever becoming part of Indian fans’ hearts.Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar was an athletic yet frail teenager who preferred bowling fast. But after an accident with a spade left him with an open gash in his leg, Axar switched to spin instead. While progressing through age group cricket without receiving recognition of his talent or effort; all that changed when his father, Rajesh, suffered major injuries that put him into a coma and left Axar seriously ailing as well.Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

After his performance in the opening match of New Zealand’s 2021 tour of India, Axar was included in their squad and took six wickets over two matches; however, his bat wasn’t particularly notable.Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

However, Axar made his mark during IPL 2014. Signed by Mumbai Indians and becoming their mainstay with 17 wickets during his debut season alone – Axar quickly established himself as an integral member of their squad ever since. Now living in a luxurious bungalow called Rajkiran with his wife and three children.Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya | He is a left-handed batsman

As Axar Patel was born in Nadiad, his parents Rajeshbhai and Preity had no idea he would one day represent India on the cricket field. Even his first name, Akshar was originally mis-spelled due to an error by a nurse; as a result of this unfortunate event, Axar came to be known among his family members as their nickname.Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel, commonly known as Nadiad’s Jayasuriya for his ability to hit sixes and bowl left-arm spin like his Sri Lankan predecessor, but his life has not always been smooth sailing. Living in a bungalow 60 km from Ahmedabad wasn’t always simple either – his father suffered an irreparable head injury during a tea gathering with friends which cost him both vision and part of his skull in early 2000.Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Even after this devastating loss, Axar was determined to follow his dreams and quickly immersed himself in cricket with gusto. Soon enough he was selected for both district and Gujarat age-group teams as well as making his Ranji debut in 2012. Mumbai Indians acquired Axar at auction for 10 lakh in 2013 IPL tournament but did not allow him any playing opportunities during 2013. Finally in 2014 due to Ravindra Jadeja’s injury Axar received his chance and played both matches of an ODI series against New Zealand!Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya

Axar Patel the Jayasuriya | He is a right-handed wicketkeeper

Axar Patel earned himself the moniker ‘Jayasuriya’ while playing gully cricket in Nadiad. Due to his powerful hitting style and striking similarities with Sri Lankan legend Jayasuriya in terms of looks. Later he would go on to represent both his district team as well as Gujarat age-group squads.

Academics were his priority and his parents wanted him to become an engineer, yet his desire for playing for India became stronger as his competition with peers intensified. Borrowing money to participate in tournaments and practice daily led him to sleep with a bat and ball close at hand.

In 2021, he was chosen for a Test series against England and made his debut in Chennai. On his first Test match outing he bowled well taking five wickets including England captain Joe Root in both innings of play – making an impressionful first impression for all concerned.

As soon as he made his debut, Axar quickly established himself in India’s limited-overs squads and often filled in for Ravindra Jadeja during injuries. In 2022 he played some T20I matches but couldn’t do much; since then though he has made remarkable strides within Test cricket; living with his family near Ahmedabad near Nadiad is proving beneficial as his future prospects seem bright.

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