Watch Series 10

Apple Watch Series 10 Design Revealed in Alleged CAD Renderings | Best Watch In 2024

Watch Series 10

Apple’s upcoming Series 10 or X Watch could see a major redesign to mark its 10th anniversary. Alleged CAD renders from 91mobiles seem to corroborate those reports.

The new design keeps the Digital Crown and side button, but now uses a magnetic band attachment system instead of strap attachment, freeing up more room for features such as blood pressure monitoring.

 Watch Series 10 | 1. The Case

Apple’s next-generation smartwatch, expected to arrive sometime this September, may feature a thinner case and larger display, along with sleep and blood pressure monitoring features. Leaked CAD renders provide us with a glimpse at what the Apple Watch Series 10 can bring us.

91Mobiles claims it obtained these CAD renderings from industry insiders. The renders show a 2-inch display, which would make this Apple Watch ever bigger than both Series 9 and Ultra 2, both of which feature 1.93-inch displays.

According to purported renders, Apple Watch Series 10 will feature the familiar Digital Crown and side button on the right side of its case as well as two much longer slits for speakers on its left. These may or may not impact sound quality; nonetheless, they look different than previous designs.

One of the major changes will likely be its display, which will reportedly incorporate micro-LED technology. This type of screen combines rich blacks and high contrast levels found with OLED displays with power efficiency and no burn-in risk from LEDs – Apple is said to have dedicated over 300 employees working on micro-LED technology; and this could make its debut appearance on mainstream devices with its debut being seen with Apple Watch.

Watch Series 10

 Watch Series 10 | 2. The Digital Crown

Apple is expected to unveil an upgraded wearable device this year in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their popular wearable device, Apple Watch Series 10. Also known as “X series,” it may have thinner cases and larger displays as well as offering heart health monitoring services via a blood pressure monitor.

The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch is an integral component that allows you to control it and access apps easily and seamlessly. Just like a classic watch’s dial, using this element makes navigation simple and effortless – this key feature distinguishes it from similar smartwatches on the market.

At watchOS 10, turning the Digital Crown is the main way of navigating between apps. It lets people switch between vertically paginated tabs and scroll views, list views with variable height pages, app menus and opening and closing them quickly and efficiently. Anchoring interactions to it even when your screen is off enables users to complete them seamlessly.

Leaked by 91Mobiles, these CAD renders appear to verify rumors of an Apple Watch Series 10 with a larger 2-inch display and no magnetic band attachment system.

 Watch Series 10 | 3. The Speakers

With Apple Watch Series 10 marking its 10-year anniversary, speculation is increasing regarding a possible design upgrade by Cupertino. According to TFI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one possible change could include making it thinner than its current incarnation.

The latest CAD renderings reveal that Apple Watch Series 10 will retain many aspects of its predecessor designs, such as its Digital Crown, speaker holes and side button placement. A magnetic band attachment system may replace its sliding mechanism.

One major change could include Apple’s adoption of microLED displays. These screens are widely regarded as the pinnacle of displays due to their combination of rich blacks and great brightness without burn-in risk; reports indicate over 300 people working on microLED technology at Apple with a budget that supports their efforts.

Other reports point towards Apple Watch Series 10 being revealed alongside iPhone 16 models in September, to be known as Apple Watch X and featuring an enhanced display with long-awaited blood pressure monitoring capability and sleep apnea detection for better health tracking for those suffering from those conditions

Watch Series 10.

 Watch Series 10 | 4. The Button

Apple Watch celebrates its 10th anniversary this fall, and reports suggest they have big plans for an overhaul. A major redesign could take the form of either the Apple Watch X or Series 10, featuring a 2-inch display compared to 1.7-inches on current models. Industry insiders supposedly provided CAD renderings showing what appears to be an updated model; these allegedly show that its Digital Crown and side button remain, although their placement have changed, with them both moving up higher on the case than before, plus two much longer speaker slots rather than just one in previous models.

Rumors have also indicated that Apple Watch Series 10 may include a blood pressure monitor to enhance its health-tracking capabilities. Although such features already exist on lightweight wearables like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S4, mainstream consumer devices would now have access to this functionality without needing calibration or external cuff.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Cupertino may also alter how bands attach to an Apple Watch X or Series 10 for easier wearability and increased hardware room. The current mechanism takes up too much room; replacing it would free up space for other purposes while also ending backward compatibility for older bands as the new system would only support magnetic ones.

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