Am I OK?

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Am I OK?

Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno star in Am I OK?, a dramatic comedy that examines self-discovery and sexual identity. Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne direct from Lauren Pomerantz’s script and Max will release this movie on June 6.

Mizuno and Johnson lead this reinvention with captivating performances that garner laughter while also offering emotional revelations.Am I OK?

Am I OK?  | Lucy (Dakota Johnson)

Dakota Johnson earned critical acclaim for her supporting turn in Cooper Raiff’s Cha Cha Real Smooth at Sundance 2022, and continues to demonstrate both her acting chops and comedic ability in Am I OK?, the dramatisation that marks her directorial debut. Johnson plays Lucy, an unassuming 30-something closeted lesbian struggling with her sexuality.Am I OK?

At the outset of the film, Lucy meets up with longtime friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) for brunch at a diner. Their conversations and restaurant orders — Lucy opting for her usual veggie burger while Jane opts for sweet potato fries — reveal their intimate bond.Am I OK?

But when Jane accepts a promotion that will relocate her to London, Lucy finds herself feeling uncertain of where she stands in life and afraid that being left behind could happen again. After much agony over being left behind and denying she likes women enough for herself – Lucy eventually admits her secret attraction for them and opens up to them about herself.

The film stars Kiersey Clemons, Molly Gordon and June Diane Raphael and examines the anxieties associated with coming out as lesbian later in life – an issue made even more relevant by statistics showing the median age for first female sex partners is 32 or later. Johnson portrays Lucy’s emotional turmoil with compassion and humor thanks to writer-director Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne; as well as being assisted by writer-director Tig Notaro himself and Stephanie Allynne on her journey resulting in a drama/comedy bound to find its audience among viewers across demographics alike who will relate to its universal themes.

Am I OK?

Am I OK?  | Jane (Sonoya Mizuno)

Lucy and Jane are inseparable best friends who understand one another perfectly, from finishing each other’s sentences to memorizing every detail of one another’s lunch orders (down to the veggie burger) and sharing inside jokes. But their closeness is tested when Jane is promoted at work and must relocate to London, rocking Lucy’s world and forcing her to face up to something she has long kept hidden: that she has an attraction towards women.Am I OK?

Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne’s dramedy features outstanding performances from Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno as its leads, respectively. It excels in depicting the dynamics and intimacy of platonic female friendships while exploring issues pertaining to sexual orientation in older adults.

Although their friendship seems unlikely, all the characters are well-written and fleshed-out, especially the supporting players such as Kiersey Clemons as a confident masseuse who develops feelings for Lucy, Molly Gordon playing her irritating coworker Kat, Jermaine Fowler, Sean Hayes, and June Diane Raphael completing their respective cast roles.Am I OK?

Pacing is swift and the movie never drags, with only minor exceptions such as Kat’s uncaring boss Stu (Jermaine Fowler) and Jane’s unreliable partner Jeremy (Sean Hayes). But Pomerantz’s adept direction makes them easy to overlook.

Am I OK?  | Britt (Kiersey Clemons)

Unbeknownst to some, Kat is an outgoing and dramatic friend prone to creating havoc between friends. For instance, when she invites Jane on an off-grid hammock retreat as a birthday present for herself – not what Jane wants – Jane feels taken advantage of and Kat attempting to live her life for her, which leads them both making harsh statements about each others behavior and what each is willing to accept from one another. Eventually this leads them both arguing with one another until one finally walks out causing major fights between friends!

Kiersey Clemons brings energy and vigor as Britt, Lucy’s confident masseuse who develops feelings for her. Britt is outgoing and forward, offering Lucy an unconventional ally who opens up about their attraction despite Lucy being more reserved in nature. Their attraction is mutual; Lucy begins exploring her sexuality for the first time thanks to Britt’s guidance; Britt shares their relationship history as they both say their sexualities fall somewhere along a spectrum; yet then puts distance between themselves after hooking up.

Molly Gordon completes the main cast as Lucy’s co-worker June, who harbors a crush on her. Whitmer Thomas from Will & Grace and comedy special Golden One plays Ben who also has feelings for Lucy; Am I OK? director Tig Notaro makes a cameo as retreat leader Sheila.

Am I OK?

Am I OK?  | Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro is one of those rare performers who can find laughter even in challenging topics, like cancer. She chronicles her own health issues without becoming overly precious or self-pitying; rather she uses them as fodder for hilarious and engaging stories – such as stomach cramps that become stomachaches; an encounter with a fireman which challenges her sexuality; or going back-and-forth down physical therapy hallway with fans peering in through its windows.

Notaro’s vibrant energy, enthusiasm and talent for improvised humor shines through in these scenes. Even those that fail, such as her misguided attempt at recreating an iconic poem of hers from her repertoire, remain entertaining due to Notaro’s passionate delivery.

Notaro co-directs with Stephanie Allynne and has assembled an all-star cast, including Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno as adult best friends Lucy and Jane respectively. Though this movie can be uneven at times, it’s definitely worth giving it a watch!

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