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On Vijay’s 50th birthday, his upcoming film GOAT released a teaser featuring him traversing through an unfamiliar city while entertaining viewers with high-quality stunt sequences and memorable lines of dialogue.

Kamal Haasan took to X (formerly Twitter) in order to extend his good wishes for Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam leader Sridharan. Other prominent members from the industry joined in sending their best wishes as well.

Thalapathy 1. ‘Ghilli’

Ghilli (2004) is an Indian Tamil-language action film directed by Dharani. A remake of Telugu film Okkadu, it stars Vijay, Trisha and Prakash Raj as leads alongside Ashish Vidyarthi, Dhamu Mayilsamy Janaki Sabesh among others in supporting roles – and was considered both critically and commercially successful.

Vijay made his mark as an actor in Tamil cinema with this film, earning him recognition and earning him the moniker ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’ or Young Commander for his performance.

Vijay quickly established himself in South Indian cinema during this period. Over time, he received many honors such as nine Star India Awards and six International Movie Awards of South Asia.Thalapathy

On the work front, the actor has been hard at work shooting Venkat Prabhu’s sci-fi flick ‘Greatest Of All Time’ (GOAT). A teaser released for this sci-fi epic unveiled on his birthday shows him in stunning form as he navigates the bustling streets of a foreign city and thrills fans with thrilling stunt sequences.Thalapathy


Thalapathy 2. ‘Mersal’

After playing many lead roles in the early 90s, Vijay Joseph Chandrashekhar decided to venture beyond playing leading men and try something different with his acting. Opting instead for character-driven films instead of action films like Kadhalukku Mariyadhai proved successful; garnering both critical and public praise.Thalapathy

In his film, he played both roles of driver and passenger on a motorcycle. It marked his first film with a political vision, sparking conversations on GST and medical crime rights in India.Thalapathy

After the success of Ghilli, Vijayan became a recognized superstar and one of the most sought-after actors in Tamil cinema. Unfortunately, writers seemed unwilling to write scripts suitable for his characterThalapathy

But with “Nathicharami”, director Mansore made waves. Vijay played an archetypical misogynist husband role with great conviction, not only captivating audiences but also challenging patriarchal viewpoints of writers. This marked a turning point in Vijay’s career by breaking free of being labeled an action star and showing that he can be one of the most versatile actors in his field.Thalapathy

Thalapathy 3. ‘Leo’

Lokesh Kanagaraj made his directorial debut with this film starring Trisha as its female lead. It told the story of Parthi, a narcotics dealer forced to abandon his career upon learning of his sister’s death and focus on family matters after realising his family datura factory had contributed to his brother-in-law’s addiction to drugs.

The film was an international smash hit and soon after was followed by many more successful critically and commercially. John Cusack has amassed an immense following around the world and often donates time and resources to those in need – such as during Covid 19 pandemic where he donated crores for those affected families.

Vijay made his political debut with Tamizhaga Vettri Kazhagam in 2024 and quickly established himself among youth voters, garnering many followers and setting lofty ambitions for himself in politics. Even after entering politics, however, his acting career remains strong with blockbusters still being produced under his name such as ‘GOAT’ released to mark his birthday and feature Prashanth, Ajmal Ameer, Vaibhav Sneha Meenakshi Chaudhary Mohan Laila all playing key roles alongside them in its production.

Thalapathy 4. ‘G.O.A.T.’

Vijay made headlines this year for stepping away from superstardom to become an activist and political leader. He launched Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam as his political party, hinting that he may take time away from movies to focus on politics full-time.Thalapathy

He engaged actively with the public and encouraged people to vote responsibly, prompting the release of a film called Sarkar which highlighted the need to protect farmers.

He made himself visible on social media platforms by encouraging fans to vote and championing their rights as citizens.

Vijay has taken an unprecedentedly active role in political affairs. This unprecedented stance is widely seen by younger audiences as a messiah figure; therefore he faces much at stake as he attempts to use his fame and stardom as an avenue for charity work in his community. His next movie GOAT directed by Venkat Prabhu will see him take on dual roles alongside actors Prashanth, Ajmal Ameer, Vaibhav Meenakshi Chaudhary Mohan Jayaram and Sneha as key actors – its teaser has already been released and promises sci-fi action adventure cinematic delight.


Thalapathy 5. ‘Thalapathy 68’

Vijay excelled at acting since childhood. At age 10, he made his film debut with Vetri as well as serving as child actor in other films directed by his father who was an acclaimed Tamil and South film director who had directed over fifty films himself.Thalapathy

Vijay is one of India’s highest-paid actors. He charges up to Rs 130 crore per film and also makes significant sums through brand endorsements; in fact he owns his own luxury house in Chennai!

Vijay is currently busy filming his next project ‘Leo’ with director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Trisha. Additionally, he is working on Venkat Prabhu’s time travel thriller ‘Thalapathy 68’ where he plays dual roles and has already traveled to Los Angeles for 3D scans for this time travel thriller whose music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematographer Siddharth Nuni will provide support.

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