Galaxy Buds 3 Series

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Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Samsung’s silence on their upcoming Buds 3 series headphones has created considerable speculation, though previous experience indicates it should launch with similar pricing to previous-gen buds.

Earbuds from Huawei should feature an improved internal architecture and AI features, along with Hi-res audio support.

Galaxy Buds 3 Series Price

Samsung has yet to reveal the price of their Galaxy Buds 3 series earbuds, but we expect it to fall between $150 and $229 – this would put them on par with other premium wireless earbuds such as Apple AirPods.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Samsung’s next earbuds may undergo a dramatic design overhaul from their pod-like predecessors, opting for stem-like shapes similar to Apple’s AirPods 2 Pro and Nothing Earphones (review). This change may help improve mic positioning for improved noise cancellation and voice pickup as well as larger batteries to support their new form factor and advanced AI features that Samsung has teased us about.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Rumors indicate the new Galaxy Buds may also feature an updated case with a transparent lid similar to Apple’s AirPods charging case. Furthermore, reports claim it will be taller so as to accommodate their newly designed buds and stems.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Rumors point towards a mid-2024 release for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 series, coinciding with their foldable phone launch around July or August every year. Delaying their initial 2023 debut also gives Samsung more time to incorporate spatial audio improvements, smarter ANC, longer battery life and fitness-focused features like built-in accelerometers and heart rate monitors into these earbuds.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Galaxy Buds 3 Series Features

The Galaxy Buds 3 series are expected to come equipped with significant enhancements. They reportedly will feature a sleek new design, longer battery life and enhanced AI features – although no confirmation from Samsung yet has been given on these claims.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Early this year, Samsung introduced major upgrades to their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds, including an updated design and smarter noise cancellation (ANC). Following suit with this design transformation, rumors indicate that they may also make changes to their standard pair; reports claim the Galaxy Buds 3 will feature kidney bean-shaped stems and be slimmer than before; likely improving call quality as well as active noise canceling capabilities.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Galaxy Buds 3 are speculated to feature an in-built touchpad that would enable users to control music and answer calls without using their smartphones – similar to Apple AirPods or OnePlus Buds Pro 2. Recent leaks also claim they feature pinch controls which can be programmed for different functions; double-pinching the stem would play or skip an audio track, while single pinches could accept or decline calls.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Samsung will make another significant modification to their Galaxy Buds case by increasing its height, according to South Korean news websites. This change should allow them to fit a bigger battery and more advanced ANC functionality into it; additionally, an OLED display will show playback status, whether or not ANC is activated and other settings.Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Galaxy Buds 3 Series Design

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are expected to offer numerous design upgrades, and one significant difference could be their transition from pod-style to stem design. Samsung believes this move could improve call quality by moving microphones closer to mouth locations while simultaneously aiding active noise cancellation.

Stem design may make them more comfortable to wear for extended periods, as it would alleviate pressure on the ears. Furthermore, some buds come equipped with red or blue “blade lights,” adding aesthetic value while providing additional user benefits.

An earlier leak caused shock among users due to its unappealing design; now however, another leak shows an improved version of Galaxy Buds 3 which has been seen for sale on Coupang, a Korean e-commerce platform. These images show buds that look similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Additionally, the case has undergone a redesign as well and now sports a rectangular shape and transparent lid to reveal earbuds inside. Furthermore, it features a Type-C port for charging and docking purposes.

Galaxy Buds 3 Series

Galaxy Buds 3 Series Battery life

Samsung earbuds boast an impressively long lifespan if taken proper care. According to the company, they should last three years when not exposed to extreme temperatures or liquids and kept out of dusty environments. Furthermore, when stored correctly in their case and only used via Bluetooth on devices connected via bluetooth they’ll last even longer.

Rumors regarding the new buds suggest they will feature improved battery life; with active noise cancellation enabled they are expected to last around five hours of playback for every case full recharging cycle; an upgraded Pro version will offer adaptive noise control, blade lights and ambient sound capabilities; however the vanilla mode won’t feature these additional features.

However, despite these improvements, the Buds 3 won’t come close to matching Samsung’s 11 hours of nonstop playback from its premium earbuds. While their battery may still be impressive, Apple AirPods and Powerbeats Pro stand in stark comparison.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro headphones will be released this summer with IP57 water resistance ratings and support for SmartThings Find for easy device loss prevention. Both will come available in Silver and White hues and support Bluetooth 5.4 with aptX, AAC and LDAC codecs to produce audio up to 990kbps/24bit/96kHz resolution.

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