Range Rover Sport SV

Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection Unveiled | Best Car In 2024 ?

Range Rover Sport SV

The cosmos is an all-embracing theme, captivating people around the globe and providing inspiration for Range Rover’s first collection for its SV model – one which embraces modern luxury design while pushing British originality further than ever before.

Gaea, which symbolizes Earth, features a Green Terre Matte paint finish and your choice of Caraway Windsor leather or Kvadrat steelcut backboards or an Ebony interior with Satin Twill Carbon Fibre finishers.

Range Rover Sport SV Theia Curation

Rang Rover’s SV Bespoke Design team draws its inspiration from ancient mythology and the universe to craft five original collections for its Range Rover Sport, each named Gaea, Theia, Io, Vega or Sol and featuring distinctive finishes, cabin colors and story elements that create a deep emotional connection between this sophisticated vehicle and its owner; each offers unique aesthetics coupled with meaningful symbolism.

Io Curation, inspired by one of our Solar System’s most volcanically active planets, brings dynamic change and renewal. Cyllene Gloss color transforms and shifts with light like its namesake planet’s surface; accented by gloss twill carbon fiber tailpipes, carbon script badging, exposed carbon fiber twill gloss contrast bonnet, 23″ Twill carbon fiber gloss wheels and custom silver carbon ceramic brake calipers complete its exterior while inside is an exclusive combination of Ebony Lunar Windsor leather with 3D knit seats as well as Satin Twill carbon fiber backboards/bezels/bezels/bezels/bezels completes its interior.

The Gaea Curation takes its inspiration from the Greek goddess of Earth and represents all that is good about our planet. A Green Terre Matte finish, satin forged carbon-fiber tailpipes, Carbon Bronze ceramic brake calipers, Narvik Black roof and mirrors and natural brown silver birch wood finishers reflect nature while Caraway Windsor leather and natural brown silver birch wood finishers evoke its aesthetic inside the vehicle.

Range Rover Sport SV

Range Rover Sport SV Vega Curation

Sol’s Aurora Yellow gloss exterior represents the sun’s vitality, drawing inspiration from Aurora Borealis. It pairs nicely with Narvik Gloss black roof and mirror caps as well as Satin Forged Carbon exterior finishers, while inside, buyers have their choice between luxurious Navy Windsor leather upholstery or darker Ebony interior with Nano Yellow stitching and satin Forged Carbon fiber details.Range Rover Sport SV

The Vega Curation takes its name from Vega, a bright star in Lyra constellation named after French astronomer Urban La Verrier. Inspired by its vibrant hues, this curation features an exposed Carbon Fibre Twill gloss contrast bonnet, tailpipes and 23-inch wheels in glossy contrast carbon twill finish, Carbon Script badging and Yellow carbon ceramic brake calipers. Furthermore, Ebony and Perlino leather seats with either Natural Cream Ash Burr finisher cupholders or tonal stitching Raven Blue binding carpet mats with Natural Black Birch finishers finish off this Range Rover Sport SV model.Range Rover Sport SV

The Theia Curation pays homage to Theia, the daughter of Uranus and Gaea said to have collided with Earth to form the moon. It features Ilmenite Grey Satin paint with shimmering flakes to evoke lunar surface while being enhanced with gloss-twill carbon fibre bonnet, carbon exhaust finishers, 23-inch wheels. Furthermore, Theia’s unique features can also be seen within its interior which features Ebony Lunar Windsor leather seating panels with 3D knit seats featuring carbon fibre backboards and collar bezels for an immersive luxury performance SUV experience.Range Rover Sport SV

Range Rover Sport SV Gaea Curation

Inspired by Greek mythology, Gaea is the Earth, from where life began. This curation depicts this theme through its green matte paint finish with slanted wave symbol badging and Satin Forged Carbon Fiber tailpipes; also featuring black roof, mirrors, carbon ceramic brake calipers. Inside there’s Caraway Windsor leather with Kvadrat steelcut backboards as well as Natural Brown Silver Birch wooden finishers or its leatherless equivalent – Ebony and Cinder grey hues with tonal stitchings to complete its portrayal.

Named for one of Jupiter’s moons, Theia represents Uranus and Gaea’s daughter and has long been associated with sight and light. This curation draws inspiration from Theia by employing warm tones such as Ilmenite Grey satin paint finish with metallic flake details as well as Grand Black gloss paint on console and treadplates; symbols representing sight or light appear throughout to represent her watchful gaze or celestial bodies.Range Rover Sport SV

Sol curation draws its inspiration from space with Aurora Yellow gloss that replicates Aurora Borealis, or northern lights of space. This hue is further accented with Narvik Gloss black on roof and mirrors as well as carbon script badging; 23″ Twill carbon fiber gloss wheels come equipped with blue carbon ceramic brake calipers; while on the inside you’ll find either Ebony or Lunar Windsor leather options with 3D knit seats featuring Satin Twill carbon fiber seat backboards/bezels to complete its look.Range Rover Sport SV

Range Rover Sport SV

Range Rover Sport SVĀ  Sol Curation

The Cosmos is an alluring concept that inspires and unites people worldwide, providing the ideal source of inspiration for this collection of Range Rover vehicles designed to epitomize modern luxury while remaining true to their British roots. Each curation boasts its own distinctive exterior hue, console color and treadplate engraving.

Gaea Curation — an inspiration of Greek mythology that represents Mother Earth — features a Green Terre Matte finish paired with Carbon Fiber tailpipes and Carbon Bronze brake calipers. Inside is Caraway Windsor leather seating as well as Natural Brown Silver Birch wood trim to complete this set-up.

JLR created Io Curation as an homage to Jupiter’s most volcanic moon, featuring distinctive orange Cyllene Gloss paint that shifts hues according to different lighting. It comes equipped with carbon fibre exhaust finishers and 23-inch wheels in Graphite Atlas x Narvik Black finishers for optimal viewing pleasure.

Sol Curation represents the Sun as a powerful symbol of life and divinity, featuring its signature Aurora Yellow gloss exterior which recalls Aurora Borealis in stunning fashion. Completing its stunning appearance are Narvik Gloss Black contrast roof/mirrors/tailpipes/Satin Forged Carbon details/tailpipes; 23″ Forged Black wheels equipped with Blue Nebula carbon ceramic brake calipers; leather-free Ebony interior featuring Nano Yellow contrast stitching as well as satin Forged Carbon details are also offered – as is leather-free Ebony interior featuring Nano Yellow contrast stitching for added impact!

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